Mari Melby life coach

In my early twenties, I fell ill with a mysterious illness. It felt like the flu at first, only it didn’t go away. Years of stress, unhealthy relationships, toxic work environments and not listening to my body had taken their toll. My energy was depleted.

Getting so sick forced me to slow down, re-evaluate the path I was on and who was on it with me, and experiment with many forms of alternative healing. I received an intuitive reading in 2012 from Julie Cobb and my mind was blown. I couldn’t believe how much she could tell about me from somehow being able to read into and interpret my energy. Her words were validating and spoke of my gifts, struggles, and the path that I was on. I felt lighter and more hopeful. I felt like I had a purpose and that my daily struggles were really reminders of larger lessons. I felt excited about what lay ahead of me.

It wasn’t until over a year later that I realized that maybe I could do similar work and impact others in the same way. I had always considered myself to be in touch with my intuition. I completed a year-long How to Read training under Julie Cobb and her business partner, Nicole Sacchitella, both of High Heart Healing in Boulder, Colorado. I have blended what I learned in my training with my own take on energy, intuition, organization and systems to help us reach our highest potential.

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A little over a year after I dove into the world of coaching, I gave birth to my son, Theo. I had planned an intervention-free birth at a birth center, and instead, ended up with an induction, a long labor, and 61 hours later, a c-section. This experience opened the door for me to working as a birth professional and supporting women and their families during the transition to motherhood. Two years after my son was born, we welcomed our daughter, Gwen, via successful VBAC.

I am constantly learning and then turning those lessons into the content that I teach.

I live with my family in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

B.A. Colorado College, Spanish and Hispanic Studies
M.A. University of Denver, Curriculum & Instruction

Certified Labor Doula (CAPPA)
Certified Childbirth Educator (CAPPA)

Certificated Lactation Educator Counselor (UC San Diego)