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Blooma Birth Class (Express)

For your hospital birth, birth center birth, home birth, with an OB, or a midwife.
This one day childbirth preparation course provides an evidence-based birth education with the core information needed to birth confidently and feel informed. After this efficient course you’ll leave inspired, empowered, and educated for birth!
No matter what type of birth you are planning, this class covers everything that you and your partner need to know about giving birth! Build your community with a small group of other parents-to-be as you learn in a supportive, interactive, and fun environment. (Because of the shortend time, our express class does not include hands on comfort measures or breastfeeding. If you are interested in these topics, please sign up for our additional classes or try our regular Blooma Birth Class)
This class is led by a Blooma Educator. Each Blooma Educator is a seasoned birth doula, up to date on birthing practices and policies.
Evidence-based practices for normal, safe birth influenced by The Lamaze 6 Healthy Birth Practices
Commonly suggested interventions & what they’re used for
Medications and pain management techniques
Making informed choices for your birth
Navigating the birth process
How to make the most of your labor support team
Build your confidence, reduce your fear, and deeply connect with your birth partner, your body and your baby. Please feel free to contact us at
We want to support you through your pregnancy and beyond. This Childbirth Education class includes a FREE month of Yoga and Barre at Blooma. Your free pass automatically starts the first day of your class and expires 30 days later.
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