intuitive readings

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My intuitive readings are an interpretation of your energy in the present moment. Whether you are conscious of it or not, your energy is palpable to those around you. An intuitive picks up on this energy and can articulate it to you in a way that promotes personal growth and healing. 

Anyone with an open mind and an interest in personal growth benefits from a reading. I work primarily with people who are interested in improving their quality of life in the areas of relationships, family, career, health, and spirituality.

We will be a good fit to work together if you are interested in:

  • creating positive change and growth in your life through concrete actions as well as through shifting your energy, intention, and perspective
  • healing and moving forward
  • getting in touch with your intuition

I will not be the right fit for you if you are seeking a traditional “psychic” and are looking for fortune-telling, what will happen in the future, lottery advice, or wondering if your ex is still interested in you.

I conduct my readings over the phone, so I can give you a reading from anywhere in the world. 

fee: $75 for a 45-minute reading

Um, yes please! I'd like a reading!

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"I was driving and realizing that getting to work with you helped me shift from 'Ack! How did I get here?' to 'What else is possible?' and then having breath and room to move in my life. I have taken action steps to my goals, but it did not feel like it was painful or that I had to set time away for it, it just unfolded and I stepped into it. If anything, life started to give new and interesting steps that I did not see coming, and  I feel more abundant and alive than I ever have. I only had two sessions with you, but I can see where I was more honest talking with you than I had allowed myself to be with myself. I was floored when something would come out of my mouth and I did not realize that it was my truth. Crazy! I like to think that I am honest with myself, but there was something deeper that was allowed to come through. Thank you." -Gretchen

"I've received various forms of energy work in the past.  What I appreciated about Mari's reading was that it was real, personal, non-judgmental and gave me some clear ideas for how to move forward with what we discussed.  She is able to take you from a zoomed out view of where you're at in life, to a sharply focused view of steps you can take to find greater balance, wholeness and happiness."

"It was such a joy speaking with Mari. I had some things that had been on my mind and creating lots of stress, but her insights into where I should be focusing my energy were spot on. I came away with some great concrete actions to take moving forward, which I'm so grateful for-- it was like talking to a long lost friend!" 

"I was very excited about a reading from Mari because I had never had an experience of this type before.  It was very convenient to speak over the phone and it was such an interesting conversation!  After a quick meditation, she read an initial image that very much resonated with how I was currently feeling about my life's work.  She also told me about who I was in a past life and read the energy of my relationship with my husband.  
It was a significant experience for me to be able to connect with someone in such a spiritual way and to have someone guide me through evaluating my life and emotional state.  I'm looking forward to asking Mari in the future to weigh in on important decisions because I truly believe it was an informative and supportive process.  Thanks Mari ."     - Carly